Kyoto Kyo-Machiya Stay Arts Project

In the last few decades, the traditional cityscape and Kyo-Machiya (traditional Kyoto house) have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, rural villages throughout the country suffer from depopulation and a lack of sustainable means of livelihood. 

The aim of this project is to acquire old Kyo-Machiya (traditional Kyoto house), restore them beautifully, and offer them as an accommodation to visitors.  The Kyoto Kyo-Machiya Stay Arts Project maintains traditional Kyoto architecture and also gives the visitors a chance to experience Kyoto in a unique and unforgettable way.



During this project's period, Iori Co.'s Kyo-Machiya will change to "ARTS MACHIYA".

We will exhibit the works of art into Kyo-Machiya, guests can see and feel the works of art and Kyo-Machiya at the same time.  

We would like guests see and/or stay in our Special "ARTS-MACHIYA" 

Kyoto Kyo-Machiya Stay Arts Project Vol.1
  • Organized by: Executive Committee of Kyoto Kyo-Machiya Stay Arts Project Vol.1
  • Sponsored by: Central Japan Railway Company (expected),  West Japan Railway Company (expected)
  • Supported by:  Kyoto city, Agency for cultural affairs (expected), Japan Tourism Agency (expected)
  • Co-Organized by:  Iori Corporation

Office: Iori Co.

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